Do You Know What You’re Getting For Christmas?

I do!

I’ve written this before, and tell people all the time, but one of the greatest gifts my parents have given through the years is they have always been intentional about creating memories.     They did that when I was a young boy – and now, as an old boy, they continue.

For my Christmas present this year they are giving us a cruise for our family in June 2015 – and we can’t wait!     We’ve already begun the countdown to departure — my little girl (who is 5) consistently asking “how many more days to the cruise”?

Last week I was privileged to be hear Jason Gray’s Christmas Stories tour featuring Carrollton and Lauren Daigle.     A great night of music if you get the chance to catch one of the 10 shows performed by these amazing artists!     Prior to the show and during the devotional, Justin (from Carrollton) shared an Advent devotional from Dietrich Bonhoeffer which reminded that “Waiting” is a part of the Advent season.

I’m not a patient person.   I look for shortcuts – the fastest lanes,   the shortest lines, the most expedient routes.   I’ve heard its good to stop and smell the flowers –   but I prefer them to be a blur as I speed by.     And yet sometimes God calls us to wait.

As Bonhoeffer suggested,   Mary and Joseph learned to wait – in fact – they could have received a PhD in waiting;   waiting for Jesus to be born, waiting for him to grow up,   waiting for him to become the chosen Messiah….. waiting.

I’m fairly certain they didn’t have a countdown clock like we do for our cruise next summer –     they just waited –   with faith in their hands and hope in their heart!

Isn’t it true that all good things come for those who wait.     Isaiah wrote “they that wait for the Lord, he shall renew their strength…..”.       Every parent starts the journey of parenting by waiting .   Mary and Joseph did.     And so did I.   My kids, aside from Jesus and my wife, are the best thing I’ve every waited for – Definitely worth it!!

So this year as we wait for Christmas to come, we actually celebrate the gift that came to those who waited for so many years …..for a Messiah.    And for those who believe, we wait for him to come again to experience the gift of eternal life.

So yes…..I count the days with my 5 year old princess for our cruise next summer.     But I count the blessing of knowing that I ultimately wait for an eternity that I can’t imagine.