There is something so sweet about discovering new things!    I see it all the time in my little girl Elliston who turned 1 last month.      Her world is opening before her very eyes…..including what her feet taste like as she has learned that she can suck on her toes.      A trait I hope she abandons before she becomes an adult.

Anna & Elliston, Mothers Day 2010

I was reminded of my own discovery as I was running this weekend.     I love Crockett Park in Brentwood and remembered the first time Anna and I found this park right after we moved here.   There was something so exciting about those first few weeks after we moved here –    new running trails,  new restaurants, new views of the beauty of Tennessee.

And then the deeper reminder.

There is something so sweet about discovering new truths about the LORD.     When I was traveling full time it was fairly easy to discover new truths –  I spent the bulk of my weeks hearing messages from various communicators of the Gospel –   and I usually walked away with some nugget.        And now the reality sets in that my schedule and occupation don’t ‘give’ me those truths –  I must go and find them .

And so my work begins……