You’re a Handsome Man

Everyone loves a compliment! Especially when It involves our appearance…..and when we don’t hear them as often as you’d like.

This weekend as I was visiting my 95 year old grandmother in the nursing facility she now calls home I was cornered by an elderly women in a wheel chair. Now I realize that sounds odd, but she genuinely cornered me.

This lady dressed in a pink nightgown smock with wide eyes like she was on something grabbed my hand and held it tight….and said,” I’ve got a word for you”.

Now I’ve had people in my past who have stopped to give me a word….most of them spiritual in nature. And a couple of times it was actually encouraging. So I was waiting anxiously for what this elderly lady in her nightgown in a nursing home was going to share….I thought it potentially life-changing.

So I leaned in to hear this word…..and she said “you’re a handsome man”. Not what I was expecting. And then the killer line….”you wanna come back to my room with me”?


Stunned I tried to get her to release my hand so I could make a quick exit. But she held tight. And said “come on handsome man”.

Now completely freaked out and ready to make my getaway, I said thank you

She said “for what?”

Me: “for what you said”

She: “what did I say”.

Me: “you know…. That I was a handsome man”

She: “you are a handsome man……you wanna come back to my room”

And so I pried away my hand and made a quick exit….unsure if i should be flattered or scared.

Regardless….it’s nice for her to think so! Just wish she could remember


The last Breakfast

Had breakfast this morning with my friend Jason Orme who is leaving in two days for a two year stint in Hong KOng. Weve met for breakfast almost every week this summer and its been a rich blessing!

Jason challenged me this morning as he was talking with something he said.

As a parent it is so easy to want to give my kids a great life. To have them know that they are the focus of my world. But as they grow, it’s easy or them to have a view they they are the center of the world….because I’ve communicated that to them with my actions.

What would be the result if my actions showed them that God was the center of our family’s world…..that our decisions were about Him and not them. Could this Give my kids a greater world view.

I don’t know exactly what that looks like yet…but I know I want my kids to know there is a world out there in need. And I want them to want to sacrifice their wants for the needs of others

Of course….i guess I have to model that for them first! Thanks Jason for the reminder…..may the Lord use you to make his name known to the people of Hong Kong.

Seriously….Its All Yours


I have fond memories of growing up and hunting Easter eggs…..and then eating all the candy in them until I was sick!    Isn’t that why we hunt down those eggs –  to get the candy.

With an 11 year old and a 3 year old, the Easter egg hunt is a bit of a challenge.     Jake, the older, knows exactly what’s in all of those eggs and it takes a restraining order to keep him from discovering all the eggs in less than 3 seconds.    Parker, the younger,  loved finding the first 4 or 5 eggs but he quickly was distracted from his egg search by the Hershey’s kisses in one of the eggs. 

I kept trying to tell him that there was more.     And better candy!    Hershey’s kisses are fine and all….but the Easter bunny had brought Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs –   (somehow I mysteriously knew this) –    and they were waiting to be found…… and yet Parker was just satisfied with his few eggs that had ‘kisses’ in them.  Ugh!   

And then…….after I had enjoyed the Peanut Butter Eggs (if Parker wasn’t going to enjoy themfeb-pril-09-076 – I wasn’t letting them go to waste)….then it hit me!     

How many times have I been satisfied with the very minimal that I feasted on….when the LORD is screaming at me –    ‘there is so much more’.      And  yet, i’m so easily satisfied when the LORD has provided me so much more…..all I have to do is open my eyes and see!

So I’ll be patient with my Parker……for I know the LORD has been so patient with me……..and I’ll be more mindful that there is more for me……if I’ll make the effort to search for it…..

That’s My Song…

When Parker was born  3 years ago – some ‘cool’ friend gave us a lullaby CD for babies –  but it was all the Beattles Hits.    In an attempt to raise my son to like classic rock – i thought i would start him early!!    at birth!      Our original plan was to alternate CDs – and to let him listen to all kinds of music –  but apathy or lack of sleep or whatever eventually led to him hearing the same Beattles CD every night –  for the greater part of the first two years of his life every time he went to sleep!    And because he was a great sleeper –  he was typcially asleep after Track 1.

A move to Nashville,  and into a big boy bed at 2 and our routine of playing ‘music’ at bedtime just faded away –   i’m not sure when it faded – but it did – and he hasn’t gone to sleep with the Beattles in a long, long time!!

Last night he found some of his CDs and wanted to play them –   we’re getting ready for his baby sister to come into the world – and in setting up her room he found several CDs he wanted to play in the CD player.

The first was a worship CD –  which he responded to with ‘lets dance Dad’…..and so we did –  I don’t like to brag –  but i’m a pretty good dancer –   at least that’s what Parker told me……”you good dancer daddy’!     The second CD we played was the Baby Beattles CD (not knowing what it was)  – and when the first notes began to play ….he gasped ‘ That’s my song!!”

Just so you know….Track 1 of the CD is the song Blackbird –   played with strings and digital piano…..very soothing –  all that is missing is Paul McCartney!

The most amazing thing to me is that Parker recognized a song that had been planted in his ears when he was just a baby and he hasn’t heard in over a year  –    and to know that he also heard all of the prayers that were spoken over him…..the songs i sang over him –   and the times i said to him over and over again…..’i love you’!        I guess it is good to keep remembering  that his ears are always listening…..

An Early Rocker

An Early Rocker

With room comes Responsibility

I’m sitting on a plane in an exit row and they’ve just asked me if i’m willing to open the door in case of an emergency.

What happened to the glory days of yore when we just sat in the exit row but didn’t have to worry about a disaster. I miss those days! We enjoyed our extra 2 inches of leg room with no thought of landing in the Hudson.

And the pilot has just come on to tell us that the flight attendants will stay seated the entire flight because of turbulence. Can that cause a crash?

Guess I’m lucky to be close to the door…..who cares about the leg room when your in the Hudson.

Fasten your seat belts…’s gonna be a bumpy ride….and I’ve got extra leg room for my crash position.


What’s One Hour?

I’m just a bit frustrated today –    i hate losing that hour –   not sure what it is –   but when Daylight Savings time hits every year –   i feel like  a truck has hit me…….seriously, can one hour do that to me?

DST is one of those things where i hate the experience, but relish the outcome –    i hate losing that hour and feeling like a train has hit me (i know it was a truck earlier…..but as the moments go on the vehicle that hit me gets bigger and bigger –   by tonight it will be a plane)

Other things that fit in the category of hate the experience, relish the outcome –  laundry,   cooking,   weight-lifting (no comments from those who have seen me lately and notice that i haven’t had much experience of late)   driving to Texas,  mowing the grass, recording, and childbirth (ok……i’ve never really had the experience –  but i hear its a beating…….but the outcome is pretty amazing!)

All in all –    when the sun sets tonight –  i’ll be happy for DST –   but right now as that tanker is barreling toward my body –  i’m kinda wanting my hour back…..

Life Lived at 3

I made my son Parker really mad this morning – and he’s 3! His mom is out of town – and it was my responsibility to get the boys to school – Jake at 7:30 – and Parker at 9:30 – and I’d like to say that it wasn’t a big deal…..i can do this!

However, i didn’t realize how important it was to Parker that his cinnamon roll (a leftover from Sunday’s breakfast) not be cut up – i mean that what dad’s do – they cut up their kids food. And Parker likes his hot dog cut up – his strawberries cut up – his PB& J Sandwich cut up – wouldn’t he want his cinnamon roll cut up? The answer is NO! i could get more graphic but i’ll just say NO – Parker didn’t get graphic with his language – but his anger clearly suggested that NO wasn’t enough.

But here is where it gets interesting – once he realized that i had committed the unpardonable sin and sliced his c-roll into countless pieces – he stormed off – tore up a lego car into a million pieces (like his cinnamon roll) – yelled at his dad – and stormed off to cry in the corner of the prison cell we call ‘time-out’. Did I mention that he’s 3?

15 minutes later – all was forgotten and dad was the most wonderful person in the world (which is truth) – and the cinnamon roll was not even a memory! And his chocolate pop-tart had done the trick for his hunger!

What i can’t understand is how he could be so forgiving – i mean i made him mad – and then he’s completely moved on. I guess that is the beauty of life lived at 3 – the ability to move on past our immediate anger and frustration – because there are bigger issues – like what star wars character am i going to play with – or what does yellow and green playdough look like when smushed together?

Maybe my day would be better if i lived life at 3 – where the things that frustrate me – and there are many – are forgiven and forgotten 15 minutes later – and i’ve moved on to the more important issues of my life…… where is my playdough?

Parker & Dad on Vacation

Parker & Dad on Vacation

A Mission Statement….

I’ve been asked in several settings recently what my mission statement is? Though intrinsically a term many businesses use, it has become increasingly popular in terms of use for someone’s life purpose…

i was recently given the following statement –

We are Called to
Drive the Nails into the Platform
that holds Someone else up

I’m still thinking about this……too often we spend most of our time driving nails in platform for ourselves…..what does it really look like to be a part of platform buidling…..someone else’s platform building!!

just a process that i’m still trying to figure out……sorry i can’t write more – i’ve got to go find my hammer….

Stunned……and Confused

well… i go! over the last weeks (months/years) i have become increasingly aware of the role blogging has played in our culture – you know i get the value of journaling…..but seriously do i want to post my thoughts for all to see – and if i do – will you care?

apparently a lot of people care? i’m stunned!

So….i’m conforming to the medium of the moment…..and trusting that what so many have found valuable – i too will find rewarding! so far….its just another thing on my to do list…..but hopefully in a month or so – i’ll be chatting about the great value i’ve found in this exercise!!

and now confused…..what to write next?

stay tuned!