Counting the Days……

I’m not a fan of birthdays – historically.     I’m sure my parents threw a party or two…….and I can remember dear friends in Waco throwing me a bash for my 30th birthday – which happened to be a major transition year for me.   I’ll be forever grateful for those sweet friends who reminded me of the blessing of friendship in what had been a challenging year.

So to acknowledge this birthday year… I would choose to ignore – has been difficult.   Perhaps its because I think I’m still 25.       Or perhaps I feel only 33.     Or I still have great memories of 40.       Or more importantly……I can still recall being 16.

But reality has set in –   and 18,250 days of life have passed.   I have to accept it.   I’ve crossed the river.

I recently read a great book, “20,000 days and Counting” by Robert Smith – which challenged me on the value and beauty of living each day to its fullest – and choosing to make a difference.   And it reminded me that there could be still a lot of time in my dash-   “-“   :   the time between 1964 and ??

So I’m taking on this next year!

I want to care for orphans in Moldova,   to save for college for my own kids,   and make more music.    I want to drink sweet tea and not gain weight.    I want to eat dessert first like the author of “20,000 Days” and I want to wake up grateful for another day.

Mostly,   I want to be sure that my family and friends know how important they have been on the last 18,250 days,   how lucky I am to have journeyed this far –   and that the best is still to come.     (At least that is what I’m telling myself)


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