What’s In A Name?

Working with artists,  it’s important for me to stay informed when any of them are written about in the news or online.    Thankfully Google provides a great tool called “google alerts” that notify me when any of my artists are on news pages, websites, and/or blogs.

Of course when I was setting up alerts for all of my artists,  I had to put my name in as well for an alert.     Doesn’t everyone want to know when someone is talking about them?   Thankfully my days as an artist are behind me,  but it is always interesting when my name pops up!

Recently I received an alert that Jeff Berry had died.   Shocked to see of my passing, I quickly realized that it was another JB that had ‘transitioned’ on.       And then I continued reading,   “Berry,  former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, died of head injuries from a fight…..”.


So I have been sharing a name with the Grand Wizard?     I remember hearing this many years ago, but I had conveniently forgotten this tidbit and forgotten the joy of sharing a name with this fellow.    Though I never met him,  and can’t say that I know much about him,   his values and mine clearly are at odds.      Its kind of like if you shared the name of  Hitler, or Dahmer…..or Judas.

It got me thinking about what will be said of me one day when I go Home.    I’m confident that it won’t say that I was with the organization of this other Jeff Berry.      And on that “Google Alert” (if it shows up) –   for what will I be remembered?

My hope is that it says  “Jeff Berry, husband to Anna,  and father to Jake, Parker and Elliston,  loved well and served many……and he had a dog he wasn’t fond of”.      And I really hope my passing is not from head injuries from a fight.     I hate to fight!


2 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. I know you will always be remembered fondly in my family as a man who led by serving, who stopped by podunct Addington Oklahoma just to chat with a young lonely youth pastor, and who was a great friend to even those he simply had a passing acquaintance with! Love the life God has given you, and pray I don’t get that google alert for many years!

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