It’s TOO Quiet!

A strange thing happened this week!    My house was hauntingly quiet.     With three kids, including two fighting brothers, and a one year old toddler,  our house is never quiet!     But my wife left to visit her sister in Indiana, leaving me the house and its silence.

I’ll confess on many a day that I’ve longed for the quiet –   I’ve said many times how much I wanted to be able to hear myself think.    But when the quiet finally arrived,  it made me realize how much I love the noise of my family.     Its strange to think that 10 years ago, every night was this quiet in my life –  living a single life in my own house, with my own stuff, all in its perfect place – and all the quiet I wanted.     Never realizing that there is something so sweet about small voices fighting over the X-box,  or a little girl screaming in glee over her baby,  or the smell of a home-cooked meal (I don’t cook!).

I’ve tried to fill my week with noise of work, or business meals, and even a jog or two,  but it hasn’t compared to the sweet sounds that are coming home tomorrow.     So I will anxiously be waiting by the window to see that car pull up with all the insanity that it will bring –   and the toys on the floor, dishes in the sink,  sleepless nights,  and indescribable joy.

I’m even more grateful that the LORD opened my eyes to the beauty of walking through life with an incredible woman –  who is more beautiful today than when I met her –  and who has made my life truly happy!       One of the artists on our label recently wrote a song called “Dancing in the Minefields” –   and as I’ve watched this video over and over –  its reminded me (especially this week) how lucky I am to be dancing with my wife!

Here is the video –   it is amazing!!

If you’re looking for me Friday night…….I’ll be by the window!


8 thoughts on “It’s TOO Quiet!

  1. Great words Jeff. Thanks for sharing. Makes my heart feel good that you have come to such a happy place in your life. I was single most of my life so I know the joy of marriage [and sometimes the pain of picking up after my “high maintenance” adult husband] I knew you at The Heights. Cookie

  2. This is awesome. I’m not there yet with the family and all.. but I definitely cannot wait for the love and joy from a family. I’ve always enjoyed Andrew Peterson. Thanks for sharing.

    Brad Riley

  3. Thanks for sharing! I was just bemoaning the fact that there are toys all over my floor again. Great song.

    Rachel (Nugent) Spinuzzi ~ from HSU

  4. I’m hoping that is the attitude I take when 3 of my 4 head back to school next week. I’m sure, as most three year old boys, my youngest will fill in a good bit of the silence.

    LOVE the song!! And, I’m loving Dancing in the Minefields with my Loving Hubby!

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